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Korab operates several development projects in Ukraine, Western Australia and the Northern Territory where it aims to produce gold, phosphate rock and magnesium. Korab also operates several exploration projects with potential for additional gold, base metals, and phosphate rock.

Bobrikovo gold and silver mine (Ukraine)
This 3.3 million ounce gold and 16.3 million ounce silver project is being managed and operated by a team of mining engineers, metallurgists, and geologists with long term experience in bringing to production and running similar projects in Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. Bobrikovo mine is located in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine within Nagolny Ridge structure. Nagolny Ridge is part of a large intra-continental Phanerozoic structure that extends from southern Europe east to Central Asia. This structure hosts several world-class gold mining operations including Muruntau, Vysokovoltnoe, and Bakirchic. The tenor and style of mineralisation at Bobrikovo is similar to 170 million ounce gold deposit at Muruntau in Uzbekistan and to 57 million ounce Sukhoi Log deposit in Russia.

Geolsec Phosphate Operations (Northern Territory)
Geolsec phosphate mine is located on a granted mining lease ML27362 just 70 km south from Darwin. The mine is fully permitted and is being developed as a supplier of direct application phosphate rock fertiliser.The Geolsec project is accessible all year round by sealed Batchelor Road. Geolsec is situated in close proximity (10km by sealed road) from Stuart Highway and the transcontinental railway line connecting Darwin with Adelaide (capital of South Australia) and with the national road and rail transport network which links Adelaide with Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Winchester magnesium (Northern Territory)
Winchester deposit is located next to GeolSec phosphate rock project just 30 minutes drive from suburbs of Darwin. Winchester is one of the highest grade magnesite deposits globally averaging 91% of MgCO3. The project has passed the bankable feasibility study and pilot plant testing stage and is ready to move into development stage. The project has 16.6 million tones of ore, which is sufficient for a 75 year mine life at a magnesium metal production target of 50,000 tones per annum. Korab recently executed a binding agreement with a well-known, respected partner who will assist Korab in development of this deposit.

Batchelor and Green Alligator projects - NT
Batchelor And Green Alligator projects contain several large nickel/polymetallic anomalies within ultramafic unit. This unit extends over 14 km across both projects. These anomalies have been discovered in 2010 and are currently being drill tested. Early results suggest a large, well mineralised system. (Click on the Korab's Rum Jungle Projects diagram on the right).

Ashburton Downs project - WA
Ashburton Downs is significant new copper complex in the Ashburton Basin just 20 km south of Paraburdoo. This project covers Green Elephant Complex comprising North Mount Elephant, Green Elephant, East Elephant and Mount Elephant. Green Elephant copper anomaly covers two square kilometers (2,000,000 square meters) with some 970,000 square meters of visible copper mineralisation and with multiple assays grading 5% to 20% copper. Several trenches cut through the area averaged between 3% and 5% copper. Additional four trenches averaged greater than 5% copper. Mount Elephant assays returned up to 45% (450,000 ppm) copper. EM surveys show 2.5 km long conductor coinciding with high grade copper assays.

The setting and the mineralisation style of project bears close similarity with those of the Zambian copper belt where similar rock types host the copper mineralisation. Korab believes it is highly likely that our 5 copper anomalies, which cover an extensive area, form part of the same mineralised structure. The extent of the mineralisation can only be determined following extensive drilling, however the initial, early stage exploration results highlight the potential for the to be one of Australia’s most exciting copper prospects.

Korab's Rum Jungle Projects
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Phosphate rock deposit cross section
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Magnesium project at Batchelor in NT 70 km from Darwin
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Ashburton Downs

Green Elephant and Green Kangaroo

Mt Elephant

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